Solar Panels Dublin

Photovoltaic solar panels are the ideal way to reduce your domestic electricity bill and enjoy clean, renewable power in Dublin.

Contrary to popular belief, brilliant and direct sunshine is not needed for PV solar to produce enough power to meet a significant portion of the domestic electricity demand. That is because PV solar panels work in any daylight conditions, even if gloomy or rainy. Many actually operate more efficiently at lower temperatures – which suits the Irish climate too!

Talk to Kavanagh Engineering if you are considering PV solar panels for your Dublin home. We will provide expert advice on the best system for you.

Detailed survey and reports

We will first carry out a site survey of your home, taking into account such considerations as:

  • Available roof, wall, or ground space.
  • Aspect orientation of your roof.
  • Your current annual electrical usage.
  • Your geographic location.
  • Your available budget.

We will then provide you with quotations for a number of options for PV solar panels for your Dublin home. As you would expect, the ones that will be capable of producing more power will also be more expensive. By also giving quotations for other cheaper systems, we really are giving you the opportunity to make the best choice for you.

We will also provide detailed forecasts of how much electricity you can expect from each system we quote for. This will further help you make your decision by means of a long-term cost/benefit analysis.

Compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations

All PV solar panels for homes systems we design and install are fully compliant with Part L of the Building Regulations (2011), which deals with the conservation of fuel and energy.

The regulation itself states: ‘that a building shall be designed and constructed so as to ensure that the energy performance of the building is such as to limit the amount of energy required for the operation of the building and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with this energy use, insofar as is reasonably practicable.’

Building regulations requirements for new dwellings also prescribe that a reasonable proportion of the energy consumption to meet the energy performance of a dwelling is provided by renewable energy sources.

PV solar panel systems for homes can help meet these requirements if properly designed and installed. At Kavanagh Engineering, we make sure to do exactly that.

Choose Kavanagh Engineering for your solar panels in Dublin

Kavanagh Engineering guarantees you expert service and a highly-efficient electricity source from solar panels for homes in Dublin. Just contact us for further advice and to benefit from our expertise.