For proof of how efficient and powerful a photovoltaic system can be, we need only look up – to our own roof.

That’s because our roof features a collection of 42 PV solar panels, which combine to provide an 11kW photovoltaic system – which was operating at an impressive 91% efficiency even last week, in the middle of March.

That means that even at a time of year when you don’t expect long hours of sunshine in Ireland, an expertly engineered and installed photovoltaic system of this size can still deliver enough power to satisfy two typical houses. It can go a long way towards meeting your commercial energy needs, at no extra cost to yourself.

Remember, it’s all because PV solar panels operate on sunlight rather than sunshine – so as long as the day is bright and clear, they’ll be generating electricity for you.

Here at Kavanagh Engineering, we find that our own photovoltaic system generally delivers enough power to run our office, and it partly meets the needs of our workshop too. That brings savings on our regular power bills, and you can enjoy those sort of savings too if you also install a PV solar panel system.

Just contact us to find out more.