One of the questions we’re most often asked about photovoltaic systems is actually a straightforward one. It’s ‘do PV solar panels work well in Ireland?’

It’s an understandable question too. People wonder how something that depends on the sun can work in a country where we don’t get as much as sun as we’d like.

We point out an important distinction. Photovoltaic solar panels don’t work from sunshine. They work from sunlight. And that difference means we can answer ‘yes, PV solar panels work well in Ireland.’

Sunlight hours for PV solar panels in Ireland

There is a misconception that you need a Mediterranean-type climate of long hours of bright sunshine for solar panels to operate productively. As we’ve already seen, that’s not true, as PV solar panels require only sunlight – not sunshine.

In Ireland, we get at least eight hours of sunlight per day, even in the depths of winter. In summer, this increases to 16 hours. It means PV solar panels can produce electricity for your commercial premises or home, all year round.

PV solar panels in Irish weather

Regarding the weather, Ireland’s temperate climate is actually ideal for PV solar panels. It means we have few extremes of weather. For example, too much sunshine can actually hinder solar panel efficiency. If the temperature climbs above 30°, panels can overheat, and produce less power. Fortunately, where solar panels are concerned, we seldom get temperatures like that in Ireland!

What we do get is rain – but that can actually help. Rainfall does not limit the output of PV solar panels, and in fact, it can make them more efficient in the long run by helping to clear them of dust and debris.

While it’s true that electricity production drops on rainy and overcast days, PV solar panels in those conditions can still generate between 33% and 50% of their output on a sunny day. This means that as long as the time of day is between sunrise and sunset, your PV solar panels will be producing power for you.

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