Solar PV Panels

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The choice of solar PV panels to be used is the single most important decision to be made ahead of installing any photovoltaic system in a commercial or domestic setting.

Considerations such as efficiency and size need to be balanced against other criteria such as the available budget.

Kavanagh Engineering will provide you with a number of options for solar PV panels as part of our quotation process after we conduct a site survey, giving a detailed assessment of the output we would expect from each in your location, and the return on investment they would therefore typically deliver.

Whatever solar PV panels you choose, there are several common factors that will determine how much electricity they will generate.

They include:

  • The efficiency of the solar PV panel
  • The overall size of the PV array
  • The direction the solar PV panels face
  • The angle of mounting of the solar PV panels
  • The amount of shade that may affect the solar PV panels at any time
  • The geographical location of the setting
  • Whether they consist of monocrystalline PV cells, polycrystalline PV cells, or hybrid PV cells (see Photovoltaic Cells for further details on each)

Kavanagh Engineering will advise on each of these considerations for your installation, and make recommendations based on our knowledge of solar PV panels from such world-leading manufacturers as Q CELLS, Jinko Solar and Invent.

Kavanagh Engineering is a registered contractor under the SEAI Better Energy Homes programme. We will assist you with your Solar Panel Grant application process.

We will help you make the right choice. Just contact us to get us to work for you.