Solar Panel Installations

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Solar panel installations can be completed in a single day for smaller domestic systems. A larger commercial system may take a week or more, depending on the scope of the project. We will give an estimate at design and quotation stage of just how long your system may take to install.

We recommend that solar panel installations are always carried out by the firm from whom the panels are sourced. While it is possible to order PV solar panels independently and then seek an installer, this can lead to problems.

Expert knowledge and service

This is because of the expert knowledge needed for many panels, inverters, etc. It can also lead to issues that will void the manufacturer’s warranty if anything goes wrong.

For this reason, we do not install solar panels that have been sourced from another supplier. Likewise, we do not sell solar panels independently, without also installing them. Instead, we deliver the complete service:

  • Survey your premises and design your PV solar panels system.
  • Supply all materials needed.
  • Install your system correctly and according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

Our solar panels installations process

How exactly we carry out your installation depends on the specifics of your premises.

We will consult with you to agree a location for the inverter and other necessary equipment, and we will also consult fully with you on all necessary wiring.

The PV solar panels themselves will be installed in a manner sympathetic to your roof, wall, or other location. 

We have specialist bracketing systems for pitched roofs, flat roofs, and even wall and ground solar panels installations. Whatever your type of installation, we will ensure the panels are mounted to produce maximum energy output.

Once installation is complete, we conduct rigorous testing. We will also contact you periodically afterwards, to monitor your electricity production and ensure it is all it can be.

Get in touch

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