Solar Panel Grants

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Installing solar PV (photovoltaic) panels in your home offers three great benefits. First and foremost, it will help to reduce your electricity bills, typically by as much as €300 per bi monthly bill. Next, you’ll be helping the environment. And finally, when you come to sell your house, solar panels will improve your BER (Building Energy Rating).

And there’s more good news! Thanks to a generous system of supports from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), you can expect payback for your solar panels in a few short years. The SEAI currently offer home owners a grant of up to €3000 towards the installation costs of solar panels and associated battery storage solutions. There are a few terms and conditions, but the application process is extremely well designed and very easy to complete.

For home owners to qualify for the SEAI solar panel grant, the following conditions apply:

  • The offer is open to owners of houses built and occupied before 2011
  • The SEAI must not have previously issued a grant for solar panels at that address
  • After installation, the home’s energy rating must be BER C or better
  • SEAI approval is required prior to any works commencing.
Grant Amounts Available .

  • €900 per kWp up to 2 kWp : You will receive €1,800 for 2 kWp solar panels (i.e. 6/7 solar panels)
  • €300 for every additional kWp up to 4 kWp if you get a battery
  • Total grant available capped at €2,400
  • Battery storage systems are also covered. They are used for larger PV Solar systems, so that excess electricity generated during daytime hours can be used at another time. This is recommended to be only installed in suitable homes
  • Battery storage grant is €600
  • For 3 kWp : You will receive €2,100 for 3 kWp of solar panels plus €600 for the battery system
  • For 4 kWp : You will receive €2,400 for 4 kWp of solar panels plus €600 for the battery system

The expert team at Kavanagh Engineering has many years experience of installing PV Solar Panels for domestic and commercial customers.  We offer impartial advice on solutions from all the leading manufacturers, and we’ll make sure you choose a product that matches your exact requirements.  We can also assist you in your application for the SEAI grant.

To learn more about solar panels and the SEAI grant, contact us now at Kavanagh Engineering.  Or apply for your SEAI grant by clicking here.