If considering commercial photovoltaic solar panels, it’s natural to wonder how much electricity they will produce.

So for an example, where better to look than at our own commercial PV solar panels system!

In March 2017, we installed the system at our Kavanagh Engineering premises in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. It’s an 11kW photovoltaic system, consisting of 42 PV solar panels.

We’ve just reviewed the figures for the first six months of operation – and we’ve found that our system has been producing much more power than we could even use during daylight hours.

Our graph illustrates this:


Note 1: Production without meter figure for March refers to period before installation of meter to measure what was used on site, and what was sent to national grid.

Note 2: August figures are up to August 21 only.

The graphs shows how production reached almost 1600kWh in both May and July, when our consumption was in the region of just 600kWh. Even in the somewhat duller month of June, production reached 1250kWh – more than twice what we could actually consume.

The excess power generated was sent to the national grid. However, installation of a battery storage system would allow that power to be stored on-site, for use overnight or at other times. We will soon be proceeding to installation of such a system at our premises.

Without the storage system, we still had to buy power from the grid during darkness hours. Our consumption from the grid was nevertheless significantly down on other years, thanks to the power our solar panels produced. This means we are already enjoying substantial savings on our power bills.

If you are considering commercial PV solar panels, we can help you enjoy those great savings too. We will advise on the most appropriate photovoltaic system for your premises. We will also advise on battery storage systems, to allow the power your panels generate to be used on a 24-hour basis.

Just contact us at any time to learn more.