The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) in Ireland has calculated that the average Irish household consumes 4,200 kW/h (units) of electricity each year. That equates to a bill of approximately €160 for each two-month cycle, including VAT and standing charges.

The good news is that a domestic PV solar panel system can produce 80% or more of that power for you – delivering huge savings on your bill. In fact, savings of €750 or more per year can be achieved1.

This means that a domestic PV Solar Panel system can pay for itself in as little as eight to ten years. After that, you’ll be enjoying FREE electricity all year round – all thanks to the power of the sun.

How to save money with domestic PV solar panels

The most important things in delivering maximum savings with PV Solar Panels for your home are:

  1. Choosing the most appropriate PV Solar Panel system, and,
  2. Ensuring it operates at optimum efficiency.

Choosing the most appropriate solar panel system

For the average three- or four-bedroomed Irish home, a 4kW PV Solar Panel system is the usual choice.

This typically consists of approximately 18 PV Solar Panels, as shown in the picture above.

The panels are normally 1.6 metres x 1 metre each, meaning total space required on your roof is 28 square metres. The average home can comfortably accommodate this, whether single-storey or two-storey.

We will advise on the best PV Solar Panel system for your home, considering available space, your average power consumption, and many other factors too.

Getting optimum efficiency from your PV solar panel system

Factors that affect efficiency include:

  • The size of the system. As already stated, a 4kW system is a typical choice for an average Irish home.
  • The direction that your roof faces, and the angle of the roof. For optimum performance, panels should face south, and be at an angle of approximately 35°.
  • Having a roof that is not in the shade. Overhanging trees, or nearby taller buildings, can affect performance.

We will ensure that your system is designed and installed to give peak possible performance all year round.

How much electricity will my domestic PV solar panels produce?

Assuming your system is optimally installed, and assuming typical Irish weather over the course of a year, here’s how much electricity a domestic PV Solar Panels system will produce in Ireland:

  • A 3kW system will produce approx. 2,550 kW/h. That’s 60% of average household consumption.
  • A 4kW system will produce approx. 3,400 kW/h. That’s 80% of average household consumption.
  • A 5kW system will produce approx. 4,250 kW/h. That means that if you also install a battery system to store excess power generated during the summer months, you won’t need to draw power from the national grid at all, bar exceptional circumstances. In other words – your solar panels can produce all the power your house needs for the entire year!

How much do domestic PV solar panels cost?

It’s difficult to give an answer to that question – but difficult for a good reason. It’s because thanks to evolving technology, the price of domestic PV Solar Panels is dropping all the time. That means that installing them now is cheaper than ever, and you’ll be making your money back sooner than ever.

Why choose us for PV Solar Panels

There are many good reasons to choose us for PV Solar Panels including :

  • FREE Survey & Quote
  • A highly qualified electrical engineer to conduct your site survey and design the best solution for your needs (most companies use sales reps who are not electrical engineers)
  • Bespoke deign of solar system that will save you the most money
  • Our quality guarantee, we only use the very best Tier 1 PV Solar Panels, bracketing systems, inverters and battery solutions at very competitive prices.
  • All Solar Panel installations completed by our highly trained in house team (no subcontracting to third parties)
  • Assistance with availing of the SEAI grant

If you are interested in learning how much money you can save by installing solar panels simply contact us or call us on (056) 772 4111 to arrange your FREE Survey, Expert Advice & Quote.


  1. Based on a 4kW PV solar panel system producing 3,400 kW/h (units) per year, at current Electric Ireland prices of 16.23c per unit, plus VAT