We are delighted to announce that Kavanagh Engineering are now GoodWe PLUS+ installers.

Having undergone the technical hands on training in GoodWe inverters we can now provide the benefits of being a GoodWe PLUS+ installer for our clients.

These benefits include:

  • Exclusive After Sales Support
  • Special warranty extensions to 10 years for all XS, DNS and SDT G2 inverters up to 20kW across Ireland at no extra cost.

Our expert team can assist you with the system design, procurement, installation and after sales support for all GoodWe inverters.

GoodWe Plus+

When you contact us for Solar Panels, you get the benefit of our Green Energy Guarantee. As part of this guarantee you get the following:

  • A highly qualified electrical engineer to conduct your site survey and design the best solution for your needs (most companies use sales reps who are not electrical engineers)
  • Bespoke deign of solar system that will save you the most money
  • Our quality guarantee, that we only use the very best Tier 1 PV Solar Panelsbracketing systemsinverters and battery solutions at very competitive prices.
  • All Solar Panel Installation’s completed by our highly trained in house team (no subcontracting to third parties)
  • Assistance with availing of the SEAI grant
  • All of our PV Solar Panels comply with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Talk to Kavanagh Engineering if you are considering PV solar panels for your home, and we will provide expert advice on the best system for you.

Detailed Surveys and Reports

We will first carry out a FREE, no obligation site survey, taking into account such considerations as:

  • Available roof, wall, or ground space 
  • Aspect orientation of your roof 
  • Your current annual electrical usage
  • Your geographic location 
  • Your available budget

We will then provide you with quotations for a number of options as regards PV solar panels for your home. As you would expect, the ones that will be capable of producing more power will also be more expensive. By also giving you quotations for other and cheaper systems, we really are giving you the opportunity to make the best choice for you.

We then provide you with detailed forecasts for how much electricity you could realistically expect to see produced by each system we quote for, to further help you make your decision by means of a long-term cost/benefit analysis.

Choose Kavanagh Engineering for your solar panels

If you are interested in learning how much money you can save by installing solar panels simply contact us or call us on (056) 772 4111 to arrange your FREE Survey, Advice & Quote.