The growing number of applications for planning permission for solar farms in Ireland shows how the country is ‘ideal’ for PV solar panels, according to the Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA).

Up to the end of August, 225 applications have been made nationwide. These include applications from 20 different counties, as far north as Cavan.

This shows how all of Ireland is suitable for photovoltaic solar panel technology. Indeed, while none of these solar farms have yet been built in the Republic of Ireland, one commercial solar farm is already operating successfully even further north – beside Belfast Airport.

Planning permission has already been granted for 95 of the 225 applications. In most other cases, either further information has been requested by the relevant planning board, or else a decision is still pending. Less than a dozen applications have so far been withdrawn or refused.

Renewable energy

It means that once government policy on commercial solar farms is finalised, they are likely to become a common sight across Ireland. They will be instrumental in Ireland’s attempts to meet renewable energy targets by the year 2020.

It means that in the next decade, a significant portion of your power from the national grid is likely to come from solar energy. It also means that it’s becoming more feasible all the time to generate such power yourself too.

Benefits of PV solar panels

Whether domestic or commercial, PV solar panels can generate a significant quantity of the electricity your premises uses. Benefits of the PV solar panels systems we design and install include:

  • Significant savings on your electricity bill.
  • Up to 25-year guarantee on the PV solar panels used.
  • High PV solar panels efficiency rating.
  • Improved BER (Building Energy Rating) for your home or commercial premises.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint.

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