Photovoltaic solar panels technology is improving all the time. This means there’s never been a better time to consider solar panel systems for your home or business.

In short, PV solar panel systems are becoming:

  • Cheaper to buy.
  • Cheaper to install.
  • More efficient at producing electricity.

Cheaper to buy

Over the past two decades, the price of PV solar panels has fallen by some 10% per year, every year. Due to growing usage worldwide, production has increased, and the cost per unit has therefore decreased. These savings make their way down to the end user.

The constantly dropping prices are the reason we do not give outline prices online. For up to date information on the likely cost of solar panel systems, please contact us instead.

Cheaper to install

The price of installation materials for PV solar panels is also falling due to increased production. In addition, increased solar panels efficiency means that fewer panels may be necessary to achieve the same output. This too can bring down installation costs.

More efficient at producing electricity

PV solar panels efficiency is improving at a rapid rate. As recently at 2015, even the best panels were little more than 20% efficient. Now, in late 2017, that figure has increased to almost 45%. It is expected to further rise significantly as time goes on.

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