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Kavanagh Engineering are proud to be partners with Fronius.

Fronius have been engaged in the field of renewable energy, and in particular solar energy since 1992. The first Fronius inverter, the “Sunrise”, was developed in 1995, marking the birth of Fronius Solar Energy.

The third and youngest of the three Fronius Business Units was responsible for a revolution in 2001, when on the roof of the former production site in Pettenbach, the Fronius IG came into being. This was an immense, innovative leap forward in the field of inverters.

For the first time plug-in cards were used to upgrade the device, for example with a WLAN module, giving it a future-proof feature that had never been deemed possible.

As well as manufacturing inverters, Fronius have also been consistently working on different research projects right from the start, always with the aim of making renewable energy future-proof.

The Fronius Energycell, which first went into development as early as 2002, is one of these projects. This system has been designed to convert solar energy into hydrogen and then store it. In 2009 it was certified as the world’s first system of its kind anywhere in the world by TÜV Süd.

Why we partnered with Fronius

  • 5-year inverter warranty (extendable to 7 years)
  • Fronius believe in a future in which they cover 100% of your energy requirements from renewable sources. They call this 24 hours of sun.

Our expert team can assist you with the system design, procurement and installation of all Fronius inverters.

Kavanagh Engineering is a registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes programme. We will assist you with your Solar Panel Grant application process.

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