Esdec Kavanagh Engineering Partner

Kavanagh Engineering are proud to be partners with Esdec.

Esdec has supplied universal mounting systems for roof-mounted PV installations on flat and pitched roofs since 2004. With over 15 years of experience and over 7GW of solar panels installed, they have developed into an international market leader.

Esdec was founded by installers. Convenience for the installer is always the priority in the design of our products. Their mounting systems consist of light, sturdy components that can be mounted quickly and easily.

They believe it is important that all their products fit the latest technological developments. That is why they combine international expertise and continuously invest in innovation and R&D. Their mounting systems are extensively tested and meet the strictest safety standards.

Why we partnered with Esdec

  • Brackets are user friendly and fit any roof
  • High wind resistance making them the ideal choice
  • Suitable for flat and pitched roofs

Our expert team can assist you with the system design, procurement and installation of all Edsec brackets.

Kavanagh Engineering is a registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes programme. We will assist you with your Solar Panel Grant application process.

Contact us today for all your Solar Panel needs.

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