Solar Panels for Factories

The enormous roof space of most factories mean they have most to gain from installing a photovoltaic system. Use of the correct solar panels for factories will deliver significant portions of the electricity needed to run the machinery within.

Most factories have multiple processes under one roof, such as manufacture, assembly, packaging, testing, processing, storage, etc., with all of them making heavy demands for electricity all day long, every single day. PV solar panels for factories will help meet those electricity demands – as cleanly, efficiently, and trouble-free as can be.

Other factors to consider if considering solar panels for factories include:

  • Factories generally have large available roof space, wall space, or even ground space for installation of commercial solar panels. More space means more panels, which means more electricity, which means greater savings on existing power bills.
  • Installing commercial solar PV panels demonstrates your company’s ‘green’ credentials by significantly reducing its carbon footprint.
  • The environmental benefits of solar panels for factories can make it easier for your company to attain ISO 14001 accreditation.
  • Solar panels for factories typically require no planning permission.
  • Solar panels for factories typically require little or no maintenance.
  • Solar panels for factories will produce electricity every single day, as soon as there is daylight. They do not need bright sunshine, as they still work in low light conditions.

Choose Kavanagh Engineering for your solar panels for factories

Kavanagh Engineering guarantees you expert service and a highly-efficient electricity source from solar panels for factories.

Our service includes:

  • Genuine, impartial advice
  • Comprehensive site survey as standard
  • We give you a realistic forecast of how much you can save on your electricity bills
  • We design each system individually, to meet each individual client’s exact needs
  • Prompt survey and quotation process
  • Rapid response to follow-up queries
  • All work conducted by our own engineers

Just contact us for further advice and to benefit from our expertise.

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