Solar Panels for Hotels

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Hotels are different from most other commercial applications in that operations are ongoing right around the clock. Guests are on site 24/7, meaning there can be increased demand for power at any time. Installing solar panels for hotels can help significantly in meeting the demand for extra power, at no extra cost.

Solar panels for hotels will also help meet the electricity requirements of all the equipment and facilities that operate around the clock in the typical hotel– such as washing machines, dryers, air conditioning units, swimming pool heaters, kitchen equipment, refrigeration, etc.

Other factors to consider if considering solar panels for hotels include:

  • Hotels generally have large available roof space, and sometimes wall space or even ground space too. More space means more panels, which means more electricity, which means greater savings on existing power bills.
  • Installing commercial solar panels demonstrates the hotel’s ‘green’ credentials by significantly reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Solar panels for hotels typically require no planning permission.
  • Solar panels typically require little or no maintenance.
  • Solar panels will produce electricity every single day, as soon as there is daylight. They do not need bright sunshine, as they still work in low light conditions.

Why choose us for Solar Panels

There are many good reasons to choose us for Solar Panels including :

  • A highly qualified electrical engineer to conduct your site survey and design the best solution for your needs (most companies use sales reps who are not electrical engineers)
  • Bespoke deign of solar system that will save you the most money
  • Our quality guarantee, we only use the very best Tier 1 Solar PV Panels, bracketing systems, inverters and battery solutions at very competitive prices.
  • All Solar Panel installations completed by our highly trained in house team (no subcontracting to third parties)

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