Commercial & Domestic Solar Panels Finance

Kavanagh Engineering can offer households and companies a way to enjoy the benefits of PV solar panels with no major upfront costs. We are official partners of Flexirent and FlexiCommercial, the flexible way to pay for any new equipment for your business or home.

Using Flexirent or FlexiCommercial to finance your solar panels means one flat monthly payment, and minimal red tape – making it the smart way to start making savings on your electricity bills.

FlexiCommercial can also deliver tax benefits for your company, as all lease payments for business can be up to 100% tax deductible. *

Other benefits of using Flexirent/FlexiCommercial to finance your solar panels include:

  • Fast approval times – to ensure you can quickly proceed to having solar panels installed.
  • Ease of budgeting – there is one set monthly payment for the duration of the agreement, so there are never any extra, unexpected costs.
  • Ownership at end of term – outright ownership is one of the standard end-of-term options offered by Flexirent and FlexiCommercial, and is the ideal choice for long-lasting solar panels.

* Neither Kavanagh Engineering nor Flexirent/FlexiCommerical provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details.

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